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Advice from Professor Bruce Mann

Professor Bruce Mann is a surgical oncologist and a leading specialist breast surgeon. He is the Director of the Breast Tumour Stream at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, comprising the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Women's Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.  He is also a Professor of Surgery at the University of Melbourne.  Professor Mann is on the Board of the BCNA.

In these series of videos, leading surgical oncologist breast surgeon Professor Bruce Mann talks about fear of breast cancer recurrence and how to address future symptoms.

Fear of recurrence

It is common for women or men diagnosed with breast cancer to worry it might come back. Professor Mann shares his views on the challenges associated with these fears and provides some insights that may help put things into perspective.

Ongoing care - are extensive body scans needed to detect possible recurrence?

Many people wonder if having more intensive follow up, such as full body scans and blood tests, can improve their survival outcomes after a diagnosis of early breast cancer. Professor Mann discusses these concerns and explains why extensive testing does not improve survival outcomes or quality of life in people who show no signs or symptoms of breast cancer recurrence.


Connect with others who understand

What makes you afraid that your breast cancer may come back? How do you manage your anxieties? Talk to others who have been there. Join the conversation on the Online Network, here