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Whistleblower Policy

The policy establishes BCNA’s commitment to the provision of a safe and protected process for reporting wrongdoing related to misconduct that may be an improper state of affairs or circumstances, or any other undesirable misconduct, along with the protections that are established for protecting and supporting reports of this nature. 

Whistleblower disclosures can be directed to

Privacy Policy

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) recognises that our network share personal information with us in relation to their experiences with breast cancer.

COVIDSafe Policy

The policy establishes our commitment and expectations for protecting the safety of the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) network, as well as implementing suitable actions and controls for maintaining safety. This policy is also aimed at minimising risk, cost, and reputational damage to BCNA whilst fulfilling our duty of care. 

Working with Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Companies

This policy lays out the principles and practice of BCNA's involvement with relevant pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, and recognises the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, the Consumers’ Health Forum of Australia and Medicines Australia Working Together Guide.