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Who we are

Twenty years ago, breast cancer was not often talked about publicly. It was discussed in whispers, and many women spoke of a feeling of shame at diagnosis.

Women felt like a number, not an individual, and were subjected to radical surgery. They were given little information and even less support. They held little hope for a future.

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) began during this time, born out of one woman’s determination to make the breast cancer journey better.

Others soon joined her cause, and for 20 years, BCNA has worked tirelessly to ensure every Australian diagnosed with breast cancer receives the very best support, information, treatment and care.

Today, BCNA is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer.

Representing the people behind the statistics, BCNA aims to ensure the voices of everyday Australians affected by breast cancer are heard.

BCNA is not a group of people in an office, but a network of more than 120,000 members. More than 90 per cent of BCNA members have had a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the remaining members have had a personal experience through a family member or friend.

While many breast cancer organisations are represented by a pink ribbon, BCNA’s logo is the Pink Lady silhouette. This is symbolic of BCNA’s focus on the people affected by breast cancer, not the disease. The Pink Lady represents the people diagnosed with breast cancer and all those around them.

Celebrating 20 years in 2018