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Upfront About Breast Cancer Podcast

In BCNA’s monthly podcast series Upfront About Breast Cancer, we're taking our advice and support and delivering it to you wherever you have your smartphone or computer.

Upfront About Breast Cancer provides people affected by breast cancer and their family with real stories, insights and helpful tips from those who have had their own breast cancer experience as well as access to the latest essential information from a range of different health professionals and experts.

Conversational in style, Upfront About Breast Cancer explores a range of topics designed to help those at all stages diagnosed with early breast cancer, DCIS or metastatic breast cancer, and those around them.

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Listen to our 10-part podcast Series, Upfront About Breast Cancer – What You Don’t Know Until You Do, with Dr Charlotte Tottman. 

About the host:

Kellie Curtain is a journalist and author with more than two decades of experience in media.  She has a passion for telling authentic stories and finding platforms to share them. The death of her mother from breast cancer was the catalyst for her book What will I wear to your funeral?  a memoir that centres on the conversations in the final stages of life and discovers the  ‘good’ in saying goodbye. The story of a family that prepares to lose their matriarch is not unique; the honest and humorous dialogue is however a little different and it’s hoped may prompt others to have conversations about dying. What will I wear to your funeral? was named a Distinguished Favourite in the 2017 New York City Big Book Awards. Kellie is also an ambassador for the federal government initiative Advanced Care Planning Australia and a board member of not-for-profit organisation Motherless Daughters Australia.

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