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Life after breast cancer Easy English fact sheet

This fact sheet is about life after treatment for breast cancer.

You can also view this fact sheet as a PDF, audio file or request a hard copy version that will be mailed out to you. 

How you might feel after treatment


 sad woman walking with head down (illustration) It is normal to find things hard after treatment for breast cancer.
It might take time to feel good again.

You might feel 

 Lady smiling in a chair with eyes closed looking relaxed (illustration) 
  • different
  • happy
Illustration of sad woman walking with head down   
  • sad
  • worried
  • angry.

There is no right or wrong way to feel.

You might think about what is important to you.
For example 

love heart icon
  •  your partner
house icon 
  • your family
two people icon
  • your friends
Computer icon
  • your work.


   Clock icon After treatment for breast cancer you might feel different.
People in your life might change the way they treat you.
It can take time for people in your life to get used to the change.

You might worry that breast cancer will come back

 Illustration of woman with thought bubble above her head with scribble in it, symbolising worry It is normal to worry that breast cancer will come back.
 Tick icon  It is good to know that most breast cancers do not come back.
In Australia we have good programs to screen and treat breast cancer.

You might worry less if 

  Woman happily resting in a chair with her eyes closes (illustration)
  • people in your life support you
  • you take good care of yourself
 Woman happily talking to her psychiatrist (illustration)
  • you ask for help when you need it
  • you learn about your health and treatment.

How to get help

   You can get help from your doctor.
Your doctor can talk to you about things that worry you.

Your doctor can tell you how to stay healthy.
For example

Illustration of fruit and vegetables 
  • eat well
 Woman running with a smile on her face (illustration)
  • exercise.

You can also ask to see

 Illustration of woman talking happily to a psychiatrist  
  • a breast care nurse
  • a counsellor or support group
  • a social worker.

You might worry about your appointment with your doctor

 Illustration of woman talking to her doctor  After treatment for breast cancer you need to see your doctor.
Your doctor will check your breasts for changes.

 Tick icon

Woman not able to sleep at night as she is worried (illustration)

It is normal to worry about your appointment with your doctor.

You might worry less if you 

   Woman happily talking to a psychiatrist (illustration)
  • take a support person to the appointment
  • plan to do something nice after the appointment
  • talk to people who understand.

You can also learn about ways to relax.
For example

illustration of woman happily relaxed and sitting in a chair meditating  
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • talk to a friend.

More information

 Breast Cancer Network Australia logo Breast Cancer Network Australia website
Phone: 1800 500 258
 Australian Government Cancer Australia logo Cancer Australia website
 Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre A Richard Pratt Legacy logo Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre website
 Cancer Council Australia logo Cancer Council website
Phone: 13 11 20
 Illustration of woman happily talking to her doctor Talk to your doctor.

BCNA acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government and the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre - A Richard Pratt legacy.

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