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Keep in mind that there are treatments available and new ones are being developed. And remember that, like me, there are many women who have been living many years with advanced breast cancer. – Xuan

Treatment for metastatic breast cancer aims to stop the cancer from growing and spreading, and to control pain, discomfort and other symptoms.

Learning about various treatment options can help you feel more in control and prepare you for what your doctors might discuss with you.

BCNA's My Journey has information on treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

Types of treatment

The type of treatment recommended to you will depend on the type metastatic breast cancer and where it has spread. While there is considerable variation in type of treatment offered for metastatic breast cancer, the most common treatments are:

Medical oncologist Professor Fran Boyle talks about types of treatment for metastatic breast cancer and how recent advances in treatment and care are helping people live well. 



    • Pre-reading can help you prepare for what your doctors might discuss with you, and help you prepare questions to ask. Sign up to BCNA’s My Journey.
    • Join our Online Network: Talking to others who have experienced metastatic breast cancer may help – they have an understanding of what you’re going through.