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Metastatic breast cancer resources

Many women with metastatic breast cancer have suggested books, brochures, websites and other resources that they found useful and would recommend to others. Most of these recommendations are listed in Hope & Hurdles, as well as within the pages under the Metastatic breast cancer section of this website. Here are some other key BCNA resources that you may find useful.

Magazine: The Inside Story

Quarterly insert in the Beacon for people with metastatic breast cancer. Read online now.

Booklet: Messages of hope and inspiration

For people living with metastatic breast cancer. Download.

Booklet: She has metastatic breast cancer - How can I support her

This booklet aims to help partners of people who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Download.

Fact sheet: Tax free superannuation payments for people with a terminal illness

This fact sheet provides up-to-date and straightforward information to assist you in making the decision to access your superannuation early. Download.

Fact sheet: Travel insurance for women with metastatic breast cancer

Provides information on the most common questions you might have about obtaining travel insurance. Download.

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