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Latest metastatic breast cancer news

Speaking from experience – women with metastatic breast cancer share their stories

Women with metastatic breast cancer share their stories in a new video series to empower other women with the diagnosis to live their lives with hope and determination. 

Speaking from experience has been produced by BCNA in collaboration with patient education service Healthily.

In the three videos, the women speak on a variety of topics – from the shock of initially being diagnosed, to treatment side effects and employment. The women share how they live full and meaningful lives despite the many obstacles metastatic breast cancer brings.

You can read more about each video and watch below.

Seeking information

'I don’t care what it costs or what it takes, I need to sit in a room with other people and hear their experiences.' – Brenda

In this video, the women talk about how BCNA’s resources and information forums have been a source of guidance and strength after their metastatic breast cancer diagnosis and beyond.

They also stress the importance of seeking credible information when making decisions about treatment and care.

Living with metastatic breast cancer

'I think it’s been a good thing to change the way I live my life … I find it much easier to focus on what is really important to me.' – Fiona

The women talk about how priorities shift after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. Some women share how work continues to bring meaning and purpose to their lives, while another speaks of how the diagnosis prompted her to spend more time with family.

Words of wisdom

'I just do the best with what I have and I think that's all anybody can do.' - Wendy

Metastatic breast cancer can bring about fear and uncertainty. The women share messages of support to reassure others that they are not alone, and provide advice for dealing with what can be a challenging time. 


BCNA hosts Q&A with leading medical oncologists Professor Fatima Cardoso and Professor Fran Boyle 

Recently BCNA welcomed Professor Fatima Cardoso – a global leader in metastatic breast cancer – at our metastatic breast cancer information forum in Melbourne.

So that everyone could hear our experts speak, we filmed a Q&A with Professor Cardoso and leading Australian oncologist Professor Fran Boyle at the forum. In the video, Prof. Boyle and Prof. Cardoso speak about the global advocacy work that is happening to improve quality of life for people living with metastatic disease and the latest treatments available. 

Watch the Q&A below (video, 19:55 minutes) 


View a transcript of the Q&A with Professor Fatima Cardoso and Professor Fran Boyle (HTML).