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As an employer, how can I help?

Many people diagnosed with breast cancer do not receive medical advice about how and when to return to work. Talking with your employee about their needs and assisting them can help them return to work and settle back in.

It's important that our employees don't feel scared to talk about how they're going with their return to work. Ongoing communication is critical.

Ways to offer support

There are a number of ways in which you can offer support to your employee:

  • joint return to work planning – discuss the best return to work plan and reasonable adjustments required, for example, this could mean allowing them to have a flexible working week or a phased return
  • easing the handover of work – ensuring their workload is lighter or spread out can help your employee feel less overwhelmed on their return
  • alternative employment – help your employee change roles, either temporarily or permanently to suit their needs.

Useful information

For further information, the following resources are available: