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Thriving Together – Living Longer, Living Stronger Virtual Conference

Thriving Together – Living Longer, Living Stronger Virtual Conference

For many people, one of the hardest things to come to terms with when being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer is the understanding that the disease is not going to go away. Over recent years, advances in treatment for metastatic breast cancer mean that more people are living better and living longer. Treatment for metastatic breast cancer is increasingly providing a wider range of options tailored to your individual circumstances, and leading to better outcomes. 

The reality is there is simply no one path for someone who is living with metastatic breast cancer. We know some people encounter long periods, even years of cancer stability with little disease progression, while others have a more difficult experience.

Many people find the unpredictable nature of how the disease will progress and the uncertainty of what lies ahead as the most challenging aspect of their illness. Others also find the lack of understanding by those around them regarding managing current, new and ongoing treatments and side effects a never-ending challenge. 

Watch as we explore new treatments on the horizon for metastatic breast cancer and an in-depth look at the management of bone metastases. We also explored advanced care planning, the importance of connecting with others for support to enhance control and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, and strategies to help you with ‘living’ with metastatic breast cancer.