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Sexual Health and Wellbeing – Virtual Conference

What does sexual health and wellbeing mean when you’ve been impacted by a cancer diagnosis? How do you make sense of your changed sense of self? What does the new normal look like and how might your diagnosis impact the way you navigate existing and future relationships? How can you make sure your physical and emotional needs are met?   

We’ll explore the emotional and physical impacts of a breast cancer experience broadly, and treatment specifically, on sexual health and wellbeing. With presentations from health professionals, along with a panel of people who have been affected by breast cancer candidly sharing their personal experiences, we’ll look at the impact breast cancer has on self-confidence and intimate relationships – either current or potential – as well as the impact of your experience on other important relationships with friends, family members and colleagues.

This conference will also unpack changes in body image and the impacts of treatment and its side effects and the common feeling that in many ways you are no longer the same person you were before breast cancer. We’ll discuss effective strategies for maintaining physical and emotional health into the challenges of survivorship and where you can find help.  

To access the virtual conference agenda, please click here.