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My Journey Kit


My Journey Kit

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, or if you are supporting someone close to you who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, BCNA’s free My Journey Kit can help.  The information in My Journey Kit has been contributed by women and men who have experienced breast cancer, and has been reviewed by expert clinicians. It will help you understand your diagnosis and make decisions on your treatment and care.

While everyone’s circumstances are different, the stories, tips and advice in My Journey Kit contributed by those who have themselves experienced breast cancer, will help you realise you’re not alone.

The My Journey Kit includes:

  • Information Guide– contains the latest information and recommended resources, along with stories, tips and advice from women who have experienced breast cancer
  • Personal Record– a handbag-sized journal where you can record your personal details,  treatment, appointments, progress, medical expenses and questions for your medical team
  • Guide for women with early breast cancer– Cancer Australia’s Guide to treatment for early breast cancer
  • ‘I wish I could fix it’: Supporting your partner through breast cancera guide for partners and supporters
  • Helping a friend or colleague with breast cancer– a booklet to pass on to partners and supporters. It contains tips from women who have had breast cancer on the things they found helpful and unhelpful
  • State information sheet– a guide to key services and resources available in your state or territory
  • A subscription to BCNA’s free quarterly magazine The Beacon.

Optional items

The following resources that complement the My Journey Kit are also available, if relevant to your circumstances. Simply select the item/s when ordering.

  • Men get breast cancer, too – booklet for men diagnosed with breast cancer (please note: this booklet is not for male partners)
  • BCNA Bilingual resources – a set of booklets and CDs with information provided in both English and another language: Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic
  • My Breast Cancer Journey – produced by Cancer Australia, this booklet is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their families
  • Resources for children – produced by Medikidz and CanTeen

Order your My Journey Kit

  • Order your kit online now: enter your details and delivery address into our secure online form
  • Or phone 1800 500 258 to speak to a member of staff.
  • After you have placed your order, a My Journey Kit will be posted to you free of charge.  

The My Journey Kit Information Guide is also available in a number of digital formats:

My Journey Kit

Download the EPUB and .mobi versions of the My Journey Kit Information Guide (ZIP, 34.9 MB) 

The My Journey Kit has been a great benefit to me; even at midnight when something was worrying me, the answer was usually there. – Sarah

Men diagnosed with breast cancer

In addition to the My Journey Kit, men diagnosed with breast cancer will receive:

  • BCNA’s Men get breast cancer too booklet, which has extra information specific to men including breast cancer treatment, resources and ways to deal with a breast cancer diagnosis
  • A copy of Male Breast Cancer: Taking control by Professor John Boyages (MD, PhD).

To receive the extra resources for men, make sure the box on the order form that indicates the order is for a man diagnosed with breast cancer, is ticked.

Common questions about My Journey Kit

Who is the My Journey Kit for?
My Journey Kit is for Australians who have been diagnosed with breast cancer within the past 12 months.

Can I order a kit for someone I know who has been diagnosed with breast cancer?
Yes. A family member, friend or breast care nurse can order a My Journey Kit for someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please note you will need the permission of the person you are ordering for first, as we don’t like to send kits to people who are not expecting them. If you are ordering a kit for someone else, you will need to answer a question stating that you have the person’s permission to order a kit for them. Only one kit can be provided to each person, so please check first that the person has not already received one.

Is the My Journey Kit suitable for people with metastatic breast cancer?
No, My Journey Kit is only suitable for people diagnosed with early breast cancer. If you have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, you can order our free Hope & Hurdles pack which has been specially designed to meet the needs of people with metastatic (secondary) breast cancer.

Is the My Journey Kit suitable for men with breast cancer?
Yes. Men will find the information in the kit useful although much of the text refers to women. Men ordering a My Journey Kit will receive additional booklets with content developed specifically for men (see above for information on how to order). Men with breast cancer can also find more information in the male breast cancer section of this website.

Can the My Journey Kit be ordered by people living outside Australia?
Unfortunately, the My Journey Kit is not sent overseas. It is provided free of charge to people living in Australia, and is specific to the health system and treatment options offered in Australia.

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