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Advice from Dr Carrie Lethborg

Dr Carrie Lethborg is an oncology social worker and a leading expert in cancer care. Carrie has more than 20 years’ experience supporting people with cancer and their families.

Fear of recurrence

In this video you will hear Dr Lethborg talk about what fear of recurrence is and who it affects.


Tips and strategies for dealing with fear of recurrence

Fortunately, fear of recurrence can be managed. In this video, Dr Lethborg provides some practical advice on dealing with fear of recurrence. 


Where to go for help

In this video Dr Lethborg talks about where to seek support and lists services available for people affected by breast cancer.


Connect with others who understand

What makes you afraid that your breast cancer may come back? How do you manage your anxieties? Talk to others who have been there. Join the conversation on the Online Network, here