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Patient breast cancer and fertility preservation resource

As a health professional there are many decisions you support your patient with during a difficult breast cancer diagnosis. For your younger patients, there is the additional consideration of the impact of treatment on their fertility.

For some women at this time having a family is the furthest thought from their mind, and for others it's an additional consideration in the already difficult decision making that needs to occur about their treatment.

However, we know that women who have properly considered their fertility preservation options prior to treatment feel more satisfied with their decisions later on in life.

To help health professionals support their patients during this time, Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) and Cancer Australia have developed a resource designed to assist young women in understanding the impact of breast cancer on their fertility and what fertility preservation options are available.

Featuring fertility specialists and oncologists, the resource which is made up of a series of videos also shares the stories of four young women - Shari, Mallory, Kate and Jane - who provide personal insights into their own fertility preservation journey following their breast cancer diagnosis.


Further information on breast cancer and fertility preservation can be found on BCNA’s My Journey – a free resource designed to provide information tailored to each patient’s individual diagnosis and circumstances.

Health professionals and patients can sign up to BCNA's My Journey