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BCNA's Upfront About Breast Cancer podcast series provides advice and support to you and delivers it to you wherever you have your smartphone or computer. Listen on the pages below or wherever you get your podcasts.

Dr Charlotte Tottman was providing psychological treatment for cancer-related distress before being diagnosed with breast cancer herself, giving Charlotte’s understanding of a cancer experience a whole new dimension. 

Throughout the podcast series we have meaningful conversations including the initial shock of diagnosis, coming to terms with those who show up, and those who may not during your journey, body image difficulties, how cancer changes your overall perception of life, the impact on sexuality and intimacy, and fear of recurrence.  

Upfront About Breast Cancer provides people affected by breast cancer and their family with real stories, insights and helpful tips from those who have had their own breast cancer experience as well as access to the latest essential information from a range of different health professionals and experts.

Conversational in style, Upfront About Breast Cancer explores a range of topics designed to help those at all stages diagnosed with early breast cancer, DCIS or metastatic breast cancer, and those around them.