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Upfront About Breast Cancer Podcast

Upfront About Breast Cancer – What You Don’t Know Until You Do, with Dr Charlotte Tottman











Welcome to our new 10-part podcast series, Upfront About Breast Cancer – What You Don’t Know Until You Do, with Dr Charlotte Tottman. 

Dr Charlotte Tottman established her own private practice in psycho oncology, providing psychological treatment for cancer-related distress, before being diagnosed with breast cancer herself, giving Charlotte’s understanding of a cancer experience a whole new dimension. 

Despite the circumstances, Charlotte’s own diagnosis and clinical experience enables her to connect with those who are going through comparable situations, giving them a place to reflect and relate, and learn to navigate and better understand psychological discomfort in a cancer space. 

Throughout the podcast series we have meaningful conversations about many topics, including the initial shock of diagnosis, emotional isolation, and coming to terms with those who show up, and those who may not during your journey, body image difficulties, how cancer changes your overall perception of life, the impact on sexuality and intimacy, and fear of cancer recurrence.  

Charlotte’s own vulnerability is evident in each of the episodes, which lay out her lived experience, provide explanations of psychological triggers and responses, and practical strategies that may help someone on their own cancer journey. 

We recommend that listeners exercise self-care when listening to this podcast, as some may find the content upsetting. BCNA’s Helpline provides a free confidential telephone and email service for people diagnosed with breast cancer, their family and friends. Our experienced team can help with your questions and concerns and direct you to relevant resources and services. Call 1800 500 258 or email

Listen to each episode, read transcripts and view credits:


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Upfront About Breast Cancer is a production of Breast Cancer Network Australia. Our theme music is by the late Tara Simmons, and this podcast series is proudly brought to you by JT Reid. 

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