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BRECONDA - A breast reconstruction decision aid

BRECONDA is a tool to help you make decisions about breast reconstruction surgery, and was developed in collaboration with an international team of breast surgeons, oncologists, and researchers. BRECONDA has been created to help you decide, along with your surgeon, which option you prefer after mastectomy - whether or not to have a reconstruction, and if so, what type of reconstruction will best suit you.

This decision aid is not intended to replace the advice of your breast surgeon. Decisions about breast reconstruction should be made in consultation with your breast surgeon or plastic surgeon who give you the best advice for your personal situation.

BRECONDA will help you:

  • Think more clearly about whether or not reconstruction is right for you
  • Learn about the breast reconstruction options available
  • Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each option
  • Think more clearly about your preferences for the type of breast reconstruction you may choose.

To use the tool, you will have to a create an account, which allows you to save your answers to the questions.

BCNA acknowledges the valuable contribution of Macquarie University and Western Sydney Local Health District, as represented by Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, to the creation of the BRECONDA Materials and in particular the work of Associate Professor Kerry Sherman of Macquarie University.