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  • Mt Warning

    I want to reassure these women and men that life can return back to normal.

  • From doctor to patient

    I was unprepared for my own vulnerability when I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

  • My name is Harry Brooks

    Addressing the stigmatisation that comes with being a man with breast cancer.

  • Dear Lauren...

    Lauren writes a letter to her past self, two and a half years after her breast cancer diagnosis.

  • Strength in self-care

    Throughout this journey I have become very aware of the importance of self-care and respecting my body.

  • As a family, we cried

    Sonja was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer just three months after completing treatment for early breast cancer.

  • This one is breast cancer...

    With a family history of breast cancer and a BRCA1 gene mutation, Dipthi had regular checkups but nothing prepared her for the day she was diagnosed.

  • Dear Peta...

    We invited federal MP Peta Murphy to put a rear-view lens on her life with breast cancer and write a letter to herself.