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  • It was a shock

    I won’t lie, it was difficult, especially trying to help my children understand that I would be okay. That the medicines and surgery would make mum better again.

  • You are not alone

    Through this experience, I have learnt to be still and present and that there is so much beauty in living in the moment.

  • Dear Breast Cancer

    I wouldn’t wish you on anyone. You have the power to steal a very happy and healthy life and turn it upside down.

  • The five year milestone

    On reflection I am not sure that I actually knew what a return or spread of breast cancer would look like or feel like.

  • Men get breast cancer too

    It was early March 2020 and COVID-19 was just starting to have an impact in Australia when my attention was drawn to my itchy breast.

  • I was diagnosed at 22

    Pink Bun ambassador Stephanie shares her story about being diagnosed at 22, the importance of family support and marrying her best friend.

  • I have chosen to go flat

    The pandemic has given me an opportunity to realise that I am not defined as a women because I do or do not have breasts.

  • Sometimes I do shed a tear

    I have educated so many patients about this type of treatment, but it still doesn’t truly prepare you for being a patient.

  • Inspired Adventures

    Stunning blue-green lagoons. Pristine white sand. Invigorating walks, soothing quiet, connection, laughter and delicious food. Was I dreaming?