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Where to find support

Taxi concession programs

State and territory governments have programs that provide access to discounted taxi fares for people who meet certain residential, medical and financial criteria.

Eligibility criteria may include whether you:

  • are a permanent resident of Australia and live in that state/territory
  • have a severe disability that prevents you from using public transport safely or independently
  • have a permanent disability or one that will not improve with treatment
  • are a Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs pension card holder
  • can provide proof that you are experiencing severe financial hardship.

Taxi concession cards are renewed every six years and provide half-price fares. The maximum fare you can claim is $120, meaning you would only be charged $60. You will need a letter from your doctor to advise that your illness means that you cannot safely or independently access public transport.

For more information visit the appropriate website in your state or territory:

ACT Assistance (search for taxi subsidy scheme)

NSW Government Transport for NSW (search for taxi transport subsidy scheme)

NT Government (search for taxi subsidy scheme)

Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads

Government of South Australia (search for taxi fare subsidy scheme)

Tasmanian Government - Department of State Growth (Transport) (search for taxi subsidy smartcard)

The Victorian Taxi Services Commission (search for multi-purpose taxi program)

Government of Western Australia Department of Transport (search for taxi users subsidy scheme)

Discounted parking

Many women tell us that discounted parking at hospitals and clinics is a crucial financial need. To make sure you get the most out of available parking discounts, it is helpful to ask what policies and provisions are available at your hospital. It is also useful to call ahead to be familiar with the parking options, and to allow for extra time to find parking.

You can also consider applying for an Australian Disability Parking Permit, which allows you to park in disability marked spaces and for longer periods.

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