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Where to find support

Looking after your wellbeing is easier when you are informed about support options available. From financial support to child care benefits, BCNA has listed some key resources, assistance and incentives available for you and your family living with metastatic breast cancer.

BCNA Helpline

BCNA's Helpline provides information about breast cancer for people living with breast cancer and for their family members and friends. Our Helpline team can provide you with information about breast cancer and issues that may be concerning you. They can also talk to you about concerns that you may be experiencing as a result of your breast cancer and can refer you to supports available to assist you. 

Open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm AEST Monday to Friday, BCNA’s Member Support Services team can be reached on 1800 500 258.

You can also contact us by email on

Peer support

Support may be hard to find. A local support group can be a good way to meet people who understand what you're going through. You can find dedicated metastatic breast cancer services and support in your area at the link below. 

In some parts of Australia, it can be difficult to find a local group that supports women with metastatic breast cancer. Many women find BCNA's Online Network a great way to connect with other people, share experiences and seek advice. It provides a private group for people with metastatic breast cancer, called Living with metastatic breast cancer. This group was set up by, and is run by, people with metastatic breast cancer. 

Financial assistance

For women living with metastatic breast cancer, the financial costs associated with treatment and care can be substantial. Fortunately, there is financial support available. Read more about incentives available to you and your family living with metastatic breast cancer below.

Practical support 

A metastatic breast cancer diagnosis can affect many aspects of your life. Here are some incentives available for you, as well as some important considerations to plan for. 

Palliative care

One of the ways people can access specialised support is through palliative care, yet there is often misunderstanding around what palliative care can offer because it can be associated with end of life care. 

When told what palliative care services can actually provide, many people are much more comfortable with the idea. Palliative care means that you, your family and carers can get practical, emotional and physical support.

Read more about what palliative care can provide for you and your family by clicking the link below.