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Review & Survey Group

Help breast cancer research move forward

Do you want to make a difference to breast cancer research? Join our Review & Survey Group to participate in the latest research projects and improve breast cancer treatment and care.

Research helps to improve outcomes for people diagnosed with breast cancer. BCNA’s Review & Survey Group are people who are interested participating in research projects and helping us stay in touch with what matters to our members.

'My experiences benefit others, and are therefore not lost. Some of the studies also reaffirm just how well I've handled the whole experience. I really am doing okay, and sometimes it's good to stop and realise that.' - Karen

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and helping with breast cancer research, you may like to join our Review & Survey Group.

What is involved?

BCNA will email Review & Survey Group members with an opportunity to participate in surveys, focus groups and clinical trials from external researchers. BCNA also conducts its own internal research, which helps to inform our policy and advocacy work. You may also be invited to provide feedback on new resources.

There is no obligation to take part in any of the research. You can choose which opportunities to take part in.

Women in the group have recently been invited to:

  • Take an online survey to share their experiences of taking an aromatase inhibitor (i.e. Arimidex, Femara or Aromasin)
  • Trial whether a 12-week exercise program helps women diagnosed with breast cancer manage fatigue
  • Complete a survey to help BCNA better understand women’s experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer following a screening mammogram.
  • Attend an interview to help researchers better understand women's experiences of 'chemobrain'

Any research that is promoted to the Group has been assessed by the BCNA Policy Team to ensure it is of high quality, relevant to women and has tangible benefits for women affected by breast cancer.