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Leave a gift in your will

Show your ongoing support for people affected by breast cancer and leave a gift in your will.

Leaving a bequest in your will can make a world of difference to future generations of people affect by breast cancer.

A bequest is a gift or donation of any size that is left in your will. A bequest is a wonderful way to ensure that your generosity continues to make a significant difference beyond your lifetime.

BCNA has been privileged to receive bequests from some of our members and supporters after their death. We are extremely grateful for this support and offer the following practical information to assist anyone who is considering leaving a bequest.

How your bequest will make a difference

Leaving a gift in your will enables BCNA to continue their invaluable support to the people and families who are affected by breast cancer.

Your bequest will help us provide all Australians with resources such as My Journey and The Beacon. It will also help us to inform and support people through community forums, online networks and Member Groups.

How to leave a bequest in your will

We understand that making a decision about how your estate is distributed is a very personal one. If you would like to ensure that all or part of your estate is bequeathed to BCNA, it’s a good idea to seek professional legal advice. This will ensure your wishes are met. 

Your gift can take a variety of forms:

  • pecuniary – a specific gift of cash
  • percentage – a percentage of either the residue or the entire estate
  • residuary – the remainder of an estate after specific gifts have been disbursed
  • specific asset – real estate, shares, bonds or other particular items of value

Residuary and percentage are considered the most beneficial forms of a bequest for recipients as they hold their value over time. You may like to consider leaving a percentage of your estate rather than a dollar amount, as the value of your bequest could be significantly eroded by inflation between the time you write your will and the time it is administered.

Suggested wording

If you would like to make a bequest, you will need your solicitor to insert a clause in your Will. You may find it useful to discuss the following clauses with your solicitor:

  • I bequeath to Breast Cancer Network Australia, 293 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, VIC the sum of $X.


  • I bequeath to Breast Cancer Network Australia, 293 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, VIC X% of my estate.


  • I bequeath to Breast Cancer Network Australia, 293 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, VIC X% of the residue of my estate.


  • I bequeath my X (description of property or asset/s) to Breast Cancer Network Australia, 293 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, VIC.

We also recommend the following clause:

I bequeath this free of all charges to the Breast Cancer Network Australia, 293 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, VIC (ABN 16 087 937 531) to be used for general purposes. The official receipt of the Breast Cancer Network Australia will be sufficient acknowledgement of having received this gift.

Download these clauses as PDF to print

Breast Cancer Network Australia's Legacy Charter

  1. We will always respect your privacy. We appreciate and recognise that your Will is personal to you.
  2. We understand that loved ones come first and we encourage you to discuss your intention with them before finalising your Will.
  3. We will handle whatever gift you leave us with care and respect.
  4. We will connect and keep you updated with the work we do that is made possible with gifts like yours.
  5. At any time in the future, you have the absolute right to change your mind about a gift in your Will to Breast Cancer Network Australia.
  6. We promise that we will use your gift wisely and cost effectively so that it has the greatest impact on Australians affected by breast cancer.

More information

BCNA understands that leaving a gift in your will can be a significant decision and we are extremely grateful to you for considering supporting BCNA in this way.

If you have any questions about leaving a bequest, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Call: 1800 500 258

Or via our Contact Us form below.

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