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Update to BCNA resources

Update to BCNA resources

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the unforeseen reduction in fundraising income, we are - like many other organisations - experiencing the financial impact across all of our services right now. We have therefore had to make decisions about the utilisation of our resources for those affected by breast cancer, and are seeking your support during these difficult times.

Hard copy resources

Our commitment is to ensure all Australians affected by breast cancer have access to the most up-to- date information and resources available.

One of our biggest costs is the printing and distribution of our hard copy resources. Due to the costs associated with postage, we have decided to make changes to the way you order hard copy resources (My Journey, Hope & Hurdles, DCIS booklets and fact sheets) from BCNA. While resources will still be available for those that need them, we ask that you instead refer your patients to the My Journey online tool. The tool offers the most up-to-date, comprehensive tailored information based on your patient’s diagnosis along the patient disease trajectory. Most of you are hopefully already familiar with the tool, however our staff on the Helpline are here to take your calls should you need assistance.

Should your patient not have internet access, find it difficult to navigate the tool or would like to order resources, please encourage them to call our Helpline on 1800 500 258, or feel free to call yourself.  

My Care Kit

BCNA continues to be committed, along with partner Berlei, to offering all patients having breast cancer surgery a My Care Kit. However, BCNA incurs postage charges associated with many bra returns due to incorrect sizing and, due to current circumstances we are seeking the support of our breast care nurses as we face this challenge.

We encourage the use of our sizing checklist, which can be found on our website. As sizing can differ dramatically between brands, the sizing guide is a great way to encourage the correct order. This will support us to minimise the costs involved in resending a new size for your patients.

Metastatic breast cancer counselling

BCNA will no longer offers Metastatic Breast Cancer Counselling Services and will now refer people to the appropriate counselling service option depending on their needs and requirements. Our engagement with BCNA’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Advisory Group will provide a regular mechanism to discuss and review any impacts identified and help ensure appropriate solutions are considered.

Helpline hours

With COVID-19 restrictions now easing across the country, Helpline hours have now returned to our normal Monday to Friday operating times 9-5pm AEST.

As ever, we are absolutely committed to supporting you as you support your patients, by offering our services and resources free-of-charge for women and men affected by breast cancer.