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New BCNA podcasts

New BCNA podcasts

In recent weeks BCNA has added a number of new podcasts to its popular Upfront about breast cancer podcast series which we hope will be of interest to you and your patients.

Topics include:

Palliative Care (Episode 23)

Medical Oncologist and Palliative Medicine Physician Associate Professor Michael Franco and BCNA Member Marie Pandeloglou explain that palliative care is not just end of life care. They discuss:

  • The benefits of palliative care for symptom management to improve quality of life
  • The value of building a relationship with your palliative care team
  • Marie’s experience of accessing palliative care for pain management
  • Costs involved in using palliative care.

Invasive lobular carcinoma (Episode 22)

Specialist Breast Surgeon Professor Bruce Mann addresses many of the questions people diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma have about this particular type of breast cancer, including what it is and how it differs from invasive ductal carcinoma, how it is detected and diagnosed, and treatment.

Raelene Boyle on pulling herself out of the darkness (Episode 21)

Australian Olympic legend and BCNA Ambassador Raelene Boyle speaks openly and honestly about her cancer journey and discusses the mental impact of her breast cancer diagnosis and strategies she has developed over the years to manage her depression and pull herself out of it.

COVID-19 (Special Episode #3)

Empowered by Red Energy, BCNA has developed three episodes that address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Australians with breast cancer. Episode 3 covers topics such as:

  • Anxiety about heading back into the world as restrictions start to ease
  • The important of continuing treatment and attending scans and appointments
  • Benefits, challenges and risks of telehealth
  • Reintroduction of elective surgery and the implications for women waiting breast reconstruction surgery
  • The importance of the breast cancer optimal care pathway.

The Upfront about breast cancer podcast is available via the BCNA website, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.