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Metastatic breast cancer

Information and resources for metastatic breast cancer

Hope & Hurdles

BCNA’s key resource for people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer is Hope & Hurdles.

Hope and Hurdles

  • Order a Hope & Hurdles pack for someone affected by breast cancer (the kit will be delivered to the person)
  • Order a Hope & Hurdles sample pack for yourself (the sample pack can be used to point out relevant sections to the person you order for, and so they know what will come in the mail). Please use the flyers included in the sample pack to help disseminate information about the availability of the pack.
  • More information about the content of Hope & Hurdles and the optional items available can be found on the public website page.

Hope & Hurdles underwent a comprehensive review and update in 2016 and can now be better tailored to meet the individual needs of people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Along with the main Information Guide, Hope & Hurdles includes a number of optional items. Many people will need the help of their health professional to choose the items that are right for them – you can use the checklists provided on the back of the Introductory booklet and the USB flyer to indicate which are the most appropriate.

Hope & Hurdles optional items:

  • Metastatic breast cancer in the bone
  • Metastatic breast cancer in the liver
  • Metastatic breast cancer in the lung
  • Metastatic breast cancer in the brain
  • Triple negative metastatic breast cancer
  • *Hormone receptor positive metastatic breast cancer
  • *HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer
  • Getting your affairs in order 
  • Understanding metastatic breast cancer: a Medikidz comic for children aged 8-12 years of age.

*Note: If you are ordering for a person whose cancer is hormone receptor positive and HER2-positive, order the HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer booklet as this will have the most appropriate information.

Also available separately to Hope & Hurdles are two new resources that are designed to be given out together at the time of diagnosis:

  • Metastatic Breast Cancer: an introduction – this booklet provides a broad overview and information that, although the condition is not currently considered curable, it is very treatable and for most people it can be controlled for years.
  • A USB that includes digital copies of the Hope & Hurdles Information Guide in eReader format along with video messages from a leading medical oncologist and a woman living with metastatic breast cancer. The USB is attached to a flyer that has a check-list health professionals can use to help people find the resources that are right for them.

Available for download:

The Hope & Hurdles Information Guide, introductory booklet and videos are available in digital format to view or download. You can access them via the links below. 

PLEASE NOTE: we do not recommend ordering the USB for people who have already received a Hope & Hurdles pack as the digital file on the USB cannot be updated. Instead please refer the person to the website to download the most up-to-date digital file of the Information Guide or optional resources, or to watch the latest videos.

Sample packs

Please help us reach people who will benefit from receiving Hope & Hurdles

Reaching people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer can be difficult due to the complexity of their diagnosis and treatment pathways. Health professionals play a key role in advising patients of the availability of the pack and letting them know which optional resources are most appropriate for them. 

With your sample pack you will receive 10 flyers - please give one to anyone who may benefit from receiving Hope & Hurdles.

Fact sheets and booklets for metastatic breast cancer

Booklets and fact sheets with content specific to a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis include:

  • Tax free superannuation payments for people with a terminal illness
  • Travel insurance for people with metastatic breast cancer
  • Booklet: Messages of hope and inspiration (available as a download)
  • She has metastatic breast cancer - How can I support her (available as a download)

In addition, many of the general fact sheets and booklets listed under early breast cancer may be useful at different times.

To order resources

You can order multiple copies of resources through the health professionals’ portal. From the options on the first page, select that you are ordering 'for your hospital / workplace' and the list of available resources will show.

Please note: health professionals and members of the public can download BCNA fact sheets and booklets from the public resources page. By downloading and printing resources that are for your own use, you will help us keep costs down so we can continue to provide free resources to those who have been affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.

Speaking from experience - women with metastatic breast cancer share their stories

Speaking from experience is a video series produced by BCNA in collaboration with patient education service Healthily.

In the three videos, the women speak on a variety of topics – from the shock of initially being diagnosed, to treatment side effects and employment. The women share how they live full and meaningful lives despite the many obstacles metastatic breast cancer brings.

You or your patient can watch the videos on our Personal stories from women with metastatic breast cancer page.

Fear of cancer progression videos

BCNA has developed a series of videos on fear of cancer progression. We asked a leading health professional and a woman living with metastatic breast cancer to share some information about fear of cancer progression and some coping strategies that people can use.

Palliative Care Toolkit

Australian women and men living with metastatic breast cancer face enormous complexities in coping with the physical and emotional impact of this disease – often with less access to information and support.

One of the ways people can access specialised support is through palliative care, yet there is often misunderstanding around what palliative care can offer because it can be associated with end of life care.

Together with Palliative Care Australia (PCA), BCNA has developed the online Palliative Care Toolkit for people living with metastatic breast cancer. The toolkit provides tailored information specific to a person’s needs along with direction to local palliative care support services.

Metastatic breast cancer resources in Greek and Chinese 

BCNA has released a series of videos and booklets for women with metastatic breast cancer in Greek and Chinese.

Living with metastatic breast cancer: my story video series shares the experiences of women from Greek and Chinese backgrounds. In the video, the women speak in their own language with subtitles in English.

The metastatic breast cancer booklets are designed to give an overview of metastatic breast cancer, treatment options and side effects, as well as providing advice on living well with the disease. These are available in Greek, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, with audio versions available in Greek, Cantonese and Mandarin. 

You can view or order these resources through the Bilingual resources for women with metastatic breast cancer page. 

Web pages related to metastatic breast cancer:

BCNA’s website undergoes a process of continuous review and update to include the latest evidence-based information. 

Most information relating to a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis are accessed through the Metastatic breast cancer page. Some of the other public pages that relate to a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer are listed below for easy reference and so that you can direct people to them: