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Information for health professionals

COVID-19 update

BCNA continues to work in collaboration with the Victorian COVID-19 Cancer Network (VCCN) Taskforce and other national COVID cancer committees to advocate for optimal care in light of the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Challenges that continue to impact those with a diagnosis of breast cancer nationally include: 

  • Long waiting lists for breast reconstruction surgery 
  • Delayed diagnosis due to pauses to screening throughout 2020 and those with symptoms not presenting to their GP. 
  • Limitations to the access of supportive care service 
  • COVID-19 vaccine, access, information & vaccine hesitancy 

BCNA has also been working with Cancer Australia, providing consumer insight and feedback into the development of communications about the COVID-19 vaccine roll out and the impact on those with a diagnosis of breast cancer. You can find frequently asked questions in BCNA’s MJourney and on the Cancer Australia website. 

If you have any information that you’d like to share about how COVID-19 has been impacting your patients, please email the Policy Team on