My Journey Kit

'The Kit has become my bible, it's very easy to read and follow. It put me at ease knowing I could refer to it at any time.'

My Journey Kit is a free, comprehensive information resource specifically designed for Australians who have been newly diagnosed with early breast cancer. It provides information in a way that is easy to understand, can help your treatment decisions and help you work through the shock of diagnosis.

'The My Journey Kit made me feel like I was not alone and gave me strength throughout my breast cancer journey - it's a must have for women diagnosed with early breast cancer.' --Michelle

My Journey Kit is also a useful resource for the whole family, and your friends.

Order a My Journey Kit

Once you have ordered a My Journey kit, it will be sent to you by mail free of charge. You should expect your kit to arrive within 5 working days.

The Kit includes:

  • My Journey Information Guide -- a book of information, advice and recommended resources collected from women who have travelled the breast cancer journey.
  • My Journey Personal Record -- a handbag-sized booklet for recording personal details, treatments, appointments, medical expenses and questions to ask the health care team.
  • Guide for women with early breast cancer -- produced by Cancer Australia to help understand a diagnosis and treatment.
  • Resources for partners -- 'I wish I could fix it -- supporting your partner through breast cancer' information booklet for partners, and 'When the woman you love has breast cancer' CD for male partners produced by Cancer Australia.
  • State information sheet -- listing of additional state specific resources.
  • Helping a friend or colleague with breast cancer -- a brochure written by women who have had breast cancer for friends and colleagues, providing insight into the things they found helpful and unhelpful.
  • a subscription to BCNA's free quarterly magazine The Beacon.

'The My Journey Kit has been a great benefit to me; even at midnight when something was worrying me, the answer was usually there.' --Sarah

Men diagnosed with breast cancer

BCNA's booklet, 'Men get breast cancer too', provides information for men diagnosed with breast cancer about the disease, its treatments, and ways to deal with some of the common challenges of a diagnosis of breast cancer.

It also mentions other resources and counselling services available for men diagnosed with breast cancer.

To order a free copy of the booklet:

  • order online from BCNA's online resources catalogue and a copy will be delivered by mail
  • phone: 1800 500 258 (with address/delivery details).

Common questions about My Journey Kit

Who is My Journey Kit most relevant for?

The information in the kit is designed for and most beneficial to Australian women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, that is, within the past 12 months.

Can a friend, member or health professional order a kit on my behalf?

If you would rather a friend or family member order one for you that is fine, they just need your permission as we don't like to send kits to women who are not expecting them. Only one kit can be provided to each woman.

Is My Journey Kit suitable for women with secondary breast cancer?

Women diagnosed with secondary breast cancer should order Hope & Hurdles which has been specially designed to meet the needs of women with secondary breast cancer.

Is My Journey Kit suitable for men with breast cancer?

Yes. Although we refer to women throughout the book, men will also find the information useful. You can also find more information in the section on male breast cancer in this website.

Can My Journey Kit be ordered by women living outside Australia?

My Journey Kit is not sent overseas. It is provided free of charge to Australian women, and is specific to the health system and treatment options offered in Australia.

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My Journey Kit

Since it was first published in 2004, My Journey Kit has been regularly updated and reviewed by breast cancer experts. Most importantly, it has been developed with the input and reflections of many who have personally experienced breast cancer.

Order your kit online now, or phone 1800 500 258.

My Journey Kit is made possible through the financial support of generous Australians, our sponsors and the Australian Government:

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