Australia's Breast Cancer Month

Australia's Breast Cancer Month

There are many ways you can get involved this October to show your support for BCNA and those affected by breast cancer.

Online network

Online network

BCNA's online network connects over 12,000 Australians affected by breast cancer.

Share your experiences online and gain support.

Help raise awareness

Help raise awareness

This October, BCNA is working to highlight and recognise the unique needs and challenges faced by Australians living with secondary breast cancer.

The Beacon

The Beacon

Download the latest issues of The Beacon and The Inside Story magazines.

This issue focuses on 'what's on your mind'.

Local services at your fingertips!

Local services at your fingertips!

Use our online directory to find breast-cancer-related services and support in your community.

Healthy Eating and Breast Cancer

15 Oct 2014

BCNA has developed a free information booklet on Healthy eating and breast cancer.

Secondary breast cancer

13 Oct 2014

Today BCNA acknowledges Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day for the first time in Australia.

Vale Anna Wellings Booth

06 Oct 2014

Members of BCNA are deeply saddened by the passing of Anna Wellings Booth - a BCNA Consumer Representative and former Board member.

Hope & Hurdles

Hope & Hurdles is a free, comprehensive information resource especially for women diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, that you can order online.

Free resources

BCNA's latest resources include a booklet for healthy eating and a booklet for men diagnosed with breast cancer.

Helping a friend or colleague with breast cancer brochure

Suggestions from women who have had breast cancer -- the things they found helpful and unhelpful.

Join our online network

Join our online network


Connect with others

If you have been affected by breast cancer, you are invited to join our online network.

The online network gives you a way to link with individuals with similar interests, stay in touch at any time to support each other, and share experiences.


What's a blog?

What's a blog?


Member blogs

As a member of our online network you can keep a blog or 'online diary' to share your thoughts and experiences.

You can choose to make your blog public or only to share it with the people you are connected to in the network.

A blog can be a great way to keep family and friends up to date with your progress during treatment and can help with managing your time.

Groups can also use a blog to keep a dialogue going among their members.

The BCNA blog

The BCNA blog is a central information hub where we keep our members up-to-date with what's happening in BCNA



Online and other groups

Online and other groups


Online interest groups

As a member of the online network you can set up, or participate in, an online interest group.

Share your experiences and connect with others in online groups such as:

Find more online groups...


Support groups

BCNA Member Groups provide face-to-face peer-support for women and families in communities right around the country.


Personal stories

I never thought I would...

A selection of personal stories from women about things they thought they would never do if they hadn't had breast cancer

Helping a friend or colleague with breast cancer

Many women offer their stories in the hope it might help - or inspire - someone else. Here is just a small selection.

The tyranny of distance

Living in rural and remote Australia can bring additional challenges for women with breast cancer.

Health professionals

BCNA works closely with health professionals to achieve better outcomes for women

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