Our history

Raelene Boyle, Field of Women, Parliament House, Canberra, 1998
Raelene Boyle, Olympian and breast cancer survivor, officially launched BCNA amid 12,500 silhouettes in 1998 at Parliament House

How BCNA started

In 1998, Lyn Swinburne envisaged an organisation that would positively influence the way breast cancer was considered in the community. Her goal was for people to talk openly about the disease and acknowledge its enormous personal impact.

Following a public meeting in every state and territory, over 300 women came together to discuss issues affecting women with breast cancer. An action plan was developed and formed the inaugural Making a Difference Report.  The official launch of BCNA took place following this conference, at the inaugural Field of Women, a visual display of breast cancer statistics on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra.

Lyn retired as CEO of BCNA in November 2011. Maxine Morand is currently CEO of the organisation.

BCNA continues to work towards helping women and their families access the best information, treatment, care and support.

Organisational policies


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