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Living the Best Life you Can with Breast Cancer

What does it mean to live your best life during and after a breast cancer experience? What services are available to support your physical and emotional wellbeing? How can you make sure you’re heard and are your own best advocate when it comes to your care?

In this Breast Cancer Network Australia virtual conference, join us to explore what it means to live, love and learn with breast cancer. We’ll be unpacking the emotional, physical and practical implications of living with breast cancer, what loving and caring for yourself looks like through this experience – including combatting feelings of powerlessness and losing a sense of self – and learning about the critical role the Breast Care Nurse plays in each person’s journey, and what to do if you can’t access one. 

We’ll be joined by people who have been affected by breast cancer as well as subject matter experts including a psychiatrist, psychologist and Breast Care Nurses. Through a range of interactive panel sessions, Q&As and breakout rooms, this conference aims to equip all attendees with some practical tools and information that you need to live the very best life you can.