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Just diagnosed: what’s next?

Recorded Wednesday, 27 June 2018

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, you may be feeling shocked, overwhelmed, or afraid. You may have many questions about what you will face in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Navigating your way through all of the information and advice you are given can be a very confusing and emotionally challenging time.

Watch an on-demand webcast for people recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  This video will provide practical tips about the information you need to help you through this time and guidance on how to make the treatment decisions that are best for you.

Hear from leading experts, as well as a breast cancer survivor, who will share tips on what she wishes she’d known when first diagnosed and trying to make treatment decisions.

  • Caroline Baker, breast surgeon
  • Kathryn Wallace, breast care nurse
  • Renee Gani, breast cancer survivor