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  • How to talk to your children about cancer

    This webcast explores the different ways to communicate about cancer to your children, as well as practical tips on how best to support your children.

  • Feeling invisible - life with metastatic breast cancer

    In this webcast, we explored the lived experience of people diagnosed with metastatic disease.

  • The psychological impact of a diagnosis

    This webcast delves deep into understanding the challenges faced when diagnosed with early breast cancer.

  • Coming to the end of treatment

    In this webcast we discuss coming to the end of breast cancer treatment, what to expect, follow-up care and how to manage challenges that present after hospital-based treatment ends.

  • Living well with metastatic breast cancer

    In this webcast, we delve deeper into the challenges around living with metastatic breast cancer including managing stress, uncertainty and anxiety.

  • Complementary therapies for breast cancer

    This webcast discusses complementary therapies, how they differ to alternative therapies and how to find reliable information.


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