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My Journey Kit


If you have been recently diagnosed with early breast cancer, your My Journey Kit can help you. It’s a free information pack that can help you work through the shock of diagnosis and help you make decisions on your treatment and care. The My Journey Kit is also a terrific resource to share with your family and friends.

The kit includes:

  • My Journey Kit Information Guide – a handy book that shares information, advice and recommended resources from women who have experienced breast cancer.
  • My Journey Kit Personal Record – a handbag-sized book for recording your personal details as well as treatments, appointments, medical expenses and questions to ask your medical team.
  • Guide for women with early breast cancer – a great guide produced by Cancer Australia to help you understand your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Resource for partners – ‘I wish I could fix it’: Supporting your partner through breast cancer information booklet
  • State information sheet – a list of services and resources available in your state or territory .
  • Helping a friend or colleague with breast cancer – written by women who have had breast cancer, this booklet is for friends and colleagues and gives an insight into the things many women find helpful and unhelpful.
  • A subscription to BCNA’s free quarterly magazine The Beacon.