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Simply great fun!

After being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2007, my exercise consisted only of regular walks. Then I read numerous articles that concluded that regular exercise improves the quality of life of breast cancer survivors. Indeed there seems to be evidence linking regular exercise after treatment with improved survival.

This information prompted me to attend circuit classes (a mix of cardio, weights and resistance). I was the lady down the back struggling to keep up. Then I met Kyra, the class instructor. Kyra is young, fit, fabulous and passionate about exercise. She motivates and encourages all the girls in the class no matter what their age 

I am delighted to report that 12 months later, not only am I a breast cancer survivor, but lymphoedema is rarely an issue, I’ve lost five kilos and my fitness is improving. Most importantly, I feel great.

Nowadays, my exercise consists of two circuit classes, walking and two Pilates classes (with the remarkable Robyn) each week.

The benefit of exercising with friends is well documented. It is simply great fun!

I urge everyone to get started on some form of exercise. The benefits are amazing for mind and body. I think of myself as 55 years young, instead of 55 years old.


Christine, NSW