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Fitness, fun and friendship

When I tried croquet three years ago at the Nambour Croquet Club I took an instant liking to the game. The form of the game I play is ‘golf croquet’, which is a shorter, merrier game of about 45 minutes. It is a very good introduction to other forms of croquet which are ‘Association’ and ‘Ricochet’.

Very shortly after I began playing I was diagnosed with early breast cancer and began my treatment which involved chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Needless to say, many things changed. However, happily I was able to continue playing croquet (except for the times I was actually making visits to the hospital or very tired after radiotherapy).

The friendly bunch at our club scarcely turned a hair when I lost mine, as so many of them hadn’t much hair themselves anyway!

I found the activity and maintaining the friendships I had forged helped considerably to remain positive and energised during the course of my treatment.

Remaining a playing member of the croquet club also meant that I continued to improve my game and it got me started bright and early in the out-of-doors. I am very pleased that I remained active in my sport after my diagnosis and treatment.

Shirley, QLD