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  • 'Fifi and Andie' by Anna Blatman

    Melbourne artist Anna Blatman has created her latest work ‘Fifi and Andie’ in honour of two inspirational women in her life diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • Georgina's story

    “Over the last six months I've been focused on chemotherapy and living my best life while I've had chemotherapy. Now the clouds are starting to lift, and I'm preparing for what's next.”

  • Jenny's story

    I think it’s important to be honest with your family, be honest with your friends, tell them how you're feeling and have patience.

  • Protecting my unborn child

    Going through treatment while pregnant was very emotional. You go into survival mode being a mum and wanting to protect your unborn baby.

  • The long game of a breast cancer survivor

    Nicole Armstrong is the 2022 Pink Lady Match Ambassador for 2022. Nicole will represent all Australians affected by breast cancer when she delivers the match ball in Round 15.

  • Early detection saves lives

    In 2018 Shananne was thrilled to be pregnant with her second child. Until her life was flipped upside down with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

  • Not just a woman's disease

    At first I was shocked and didn't understand. I didn’t know men could get breast cancer so I was in disbelief that this could happen to me.

  • Breast cancer does not discriminate

    As someone who is profoundly Deaf and legally blind, being diagnosed with breast cancer brought some extra challenges.

  • Living for life, not death

    My son hardly recognises me now that my new normal allows me to get out and about. I have some hope for my future, and I am finally living for life, not death.