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Media releases 19 Apr 2023

Bridging a gap in mental health support

BCNA’s unique podcast with clinical psychologist launches second series

Breast Cancer Network Australia’s (BCNA) unique podcast, What You Don’t Know Until You Do with Clinical Psychologist and breast cancer survivor, Dr Charlotte Tottman, has launched a second series – What You Don’t Know Until You Do: Unlimited.

The free, speciality resource validates and normalises the ongoing but largely unknown mental health issues of people affected by breast cancer that can present many years after hospital treatment has finished.

Dr Tottman believes the podcast is filling an unmet need of those on psychologist wait lists, people in remote areas or others who feel their post treatment adjustment isn’t a priority in the mental health system.

‘The first series about my breast cancer experience revealed a huge demand for lower-level ongoing support for those with chronic illness. The second series isn’t tailored to any individual but covers enough common ground for a broad audience including partners and family to explore and understand whether they should consider individual psychological care,’ says Dr Tottman.

Across 10 episodes Dr Tottman uses her unique speciality in cancer related distress and lived experience to identify, discuss and offer strategies on what she calls ‘FONEBO’ – fear of negative evaluation by others – and how it leans into many other concerns including anxiety, behaviour change, pain and partner perspective.

With honesty and sensitivity, she gives visibility to those with metastatic breast cancer and their challenges, dispels myths and provides clarity on palliative care and rounds out the series with a rare and refreshing lens on death and dying.

Series one of What You Don’t Know Until You Do has had more than 58,000 listens and received overwhelming feedback and endorsement from those diagnosed with breast cancer, carers and medical professionals.

‘This series is probably the single most useful and accurate detail of what it’s like to go through a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, physical and mental recovery. It has covered ALL the things that I went through with a beautifully articulated explanation or guidance to understanding the what’s and why’s. Thank you so much for producing this x.’ – Anne, BCNA Member

‘Just powered through episodes of Upfront. Fascinating! Unique and world class. My wife was diagnosed last year, and we have read and listened to seven billion articles on breast cancer since and yours is one of the best.’ – Kevin, partner

Upfront About Breast Cancer is a production of Breast Cancer Network Australia. Our theme music is by the late Tara Simmons, and season 2 is proudly brought to you by BCNA Major Partner, Sussan.

What You Don’t Know Until You Do: Unlimited with Clinical Psychologist Dr Charlotte Tottman is available via BCNA or wherever you get your podcasts.