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BCNA News 28 Apr 2022


Over the past week Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) has been caught up in some election conversations.  

We would like to reassure our network that BCNA is apolitical and does not endorse individual politicians or political parties. We are fortunate to be able to work with politicians from all political parties and our focus always is to ensure all those affected by breast cancer have access to the best care, treatment and support. 

The Sky News interview that has been the subject of current discussions was pre-recorded on 26 March 2022. The statements that were put to air were part of a longer interview that canvassed several matters, including the purpose and role of BCNA and the election commitments we are seeking from all parties. We were also asked about the support we have received from our local Member of Parliament. 

BCNA has been the beneficiary of bipartisan support over the years. We understand that it is important for us to be apolitical so we can continue to create change for our members no matter who is in government. We have many examples where we have worked with all parties to ensure those affected by breast cancer receive the best treatment and care.

We will continue to review and update our processes, as we have always done, to ensure they are current and consistent with our ongoing focus and commitment to our members.

Kathryn Fagg

BCNA Chair