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BCNA News 21 Mar 2022

BCNA launches LGBTIQ+ resources

Today BCNA launches a range of new resources to provide LGBTIQ+ people diagnosed with breast cancer the information and support they need throughout the different stages of their treatment and care.

LGBTIQ+ communities have always been part of BCNA, although they have not always had a wide range of resources which address their individual needs to ensure they feel empowered to make decisions throughout their breast cancer experience.

LGBTIQ+ people have historically also experienced poorer health outcomes in general due to structural inequalities across our health systems.

A recent Out with Cancer study, led by Professor Jane Ussher from Western Sydney University, explored LGBTIQ+ experiences with cancer from the perspective of cancer survivors, their carers, and healthcare professionals.  

The study concluded with notable implications for healthcare professionals including the need: 

  • for awareness and acceptance of LGBTIQ+ people during cancer care
  • for further education about LGBTIQ+ experiences and needs
  • to not make assumptions around gender and orientation
  • to use appropriate language and pronouns and to ask for preferences 
  • for LGBTIQ+ specific cancer information
  • to increase feelings of safety, inclusivity and visibility for LGBTIQ+ people.

From the findings of this study, BCNA established its own LGBTIQ+ Advisory Group to assist with the co-design of new content and resources to begin to plug some of the information gaps outlined in the study. The advisory group consists of eight people who reside across various locations in Australia and identify as members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

The LGBTIQ+ Advisory Group was created to help address the content needs of LGBTIQ+ community members who have been affected by breast cancer. This includes providing insights and ideas about topics which may be of interest, identifying strategies to enhance BCNA’s reach to people in these communities, reviewing and providing feedback for BCNA content, including events and podcasts, and to help BCNA use appropriate language.

New content launched today includes:

BCNA’s LGBTIQ+ Statement

Despite progress in breast cancer care over the past decades, gaps and inconsistencies in the experiences of treatment and care still exist for many people. BCNA is committed to making sure our services are inclusive, welcoming, and safe for members of LGBTIQ+ communities and their support people. We also want to engage and foster relationships with these communities to bring people together and work as a collective for positive change. 

For More Information

  • To find out more about BCNA's new LGBTIQ+ resources and where to access them, click here.