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BCNA News 24 Mar 2022

BCNA Launches information for First Peoples

Today BCNA launches a series of new videos in which First Peoples women from around Australia share their experiences with breast cancer.

Storytelling and connection are important in First Peoples’ cultures to validate experiences and pass on knowledge to younger generations and their wider communities.

The eight videos feature women from BCNA’s First Peoples Advisory Group and a yarning circle hosted by BCNA in Townsville in 2021. The women talk about their experiences on a number of themes. These include:

  • advice for First Peoples and their communities
  • family and support
  • connection to culture
  • questions to ask your healthcare professional
  • looking after yourself
  • treatment
  • working during treatment
  • worry about cancer coming back.

To watch the videos and have access to a range of other articles and resources, sign up to My Journey via

To learn about other BCNA resources for First Peoples, read the Information for First Peoples page.