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BCNA News 07 Apr 2020

You can continue radiation therapy during COVID-19

You may have many questions and concerns about receiving radiation therapy during the current COVID-19 conditions.

Rest assured, BCNA has been working with healthcare providers to ensure our members have continued, safe, high quality access to radiation therapy services close to home.

Radiation therapy centres remain open, and are implementing best-practice infection control measures based on available evidence and global and national guidelines to ensure the safety of all patients and healthcare staff.

If you or your loved ones have questions or concerns related to accessing radiation therapy, please call this hotline number 1800 770 776 to have your questions answered.

Find out how you can:

  • access care within a week
  • receive remote telehealth consultations
  • avoid out of pocket cost for care during this pandemic
  • discuss options for assistance with transport through BCNA’s partners

It’s the details that make the difference.