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BCNA News 05 Mar 2020

Nutrition myths busted in latest BCNA podcast

Misinformation surrounding nutrition and breast cancer are the topics discussed in a two-part series of podcasts released by Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA).

In episode 18, Upfront is joined by Lauren Atkins, an accredited and practising dietitian and nutritionist, to debunk numerous myths and provide expert advice on how to stay on top of the latest rumours and research.

They are the latest addition to the BCNA podcast library, offering a range of in-depth discussions, hints and tips from a variety of experts including health professionals and BCNA staff as well as women and men affected by breast cancer.  

Recent podcasts featured young women discussing their experiences with stage 3 breast cancer and triple negative breast cancer.

The podcasts are hosted by writer and former Nine News reporter Kellie Curtain and made possible thanks to funding from Cancer Australia, Dry July and Sussan. They are available on Apple PodcastsSpotify and the BCNA website.

Nineteen episodes are now available for streaming, with new episodes added regularly, adding another avenue for members to access advice and support any time on smartphone or computer.