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BCNA News 14 Nov 2019

First anniversary for My Journey online tool

One year after launch, 6,000 Australians affected by a breast cancer diagnosis are receiving the latest information from Breast Cancer Network Australia’s (BCNA) My Journey online tool.

It provides instant access to trusted and up-to-date information for people affected by breast cancer, tailored to their own personal circumstances.

The tool is proving helpful, with 93 per cent of users who provided feedback saying they found the content useful.

People with early breast cancer and DCIS are among the highest users of the tool and those who are aged 51-60 are signing up in the biggest numbers.

It was developed for mobile, tablet and desktop after feedback from members who said they wanted to access information while meeting with their treating team, during chemotherapy, at work and from bed when they think of something in the middle of the night.

BCNA member Vicki said the My Journey online tool provided her with information that was easy to find and relevant to her.

‘The My Journey online tool is with me every step of the way. I can access it on my phone, in my office, or on my iPad.

‘I felt really informed – the information is easy to understand and I felt better prepared for what would come next. It also allowed me to share this information with my family and friends who wanted to understand what I was going through, and how they could support me through that journey.’

People can sign up for the tool here.