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BCNA News 17 Jul 2019

New groups added to BCNA online network

BCNA's online network has recently added two new groups – men living with breast cancer and invasive lobular cancer (ILC).

Both groups represent BCNA's vision of supporting all Australians affected by breast cancer, particularly any person feeling isolated by their diagnosis.

This year it is estimated 164 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, with the number of male breast cancer patients growing each year.

Through the efforts of members such as group moderator Rod Ritchie, the awareness of BCNA's brethren continues to grow. Any man with breast cancer is invited to join and add their voice.

People diagnosed with ILC have found it challenging to find information. BCNA is hopeful the new ILC group will provide an opportunity for members to share information and support.

With more than 20,000 members, the BCNA online network has an active online community connecting Australians affected by breast cancer since 2010. They share experiences and support to each other at any time of day or night from people who have been there.

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