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Breast cancer apps for you

BCNA News 01 Aug 2018

There are many apps that can help you or a loved one through a breast cancer diagnosis, from teaching you how to perform a breast self-exam, to helping you organize medications, to keeping you up to date on the latest cancer research.

Here are some apps that can help you through your breast cancer journey. We’ve selected them based on their quality, user reviews, and overall reliability as a source of support for people on their breast cancer journey. 

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  1. Having to travel a long way to access treatment? Look at the CanDo App


  1. Thrivor facilitates the gap that exists between the patient and the health service relationship. Look at the Thrivor App 


  1. With our free online rostering tool – coordinating the help needed to cope with tough times is made easy with family and friends. Look at Gather My Crew App