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BCNA News 06 Jun 2018

iPrevent - a new tool to determine breast cancer risk

Researchers at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre have developed an online tool called iPrevent, which guides women through a series of questions about their age, health, lifestyle and family history to determine their breast cancer risk compared to the general population.  

iPrevent was developed by a team of experts including general practitioners, consumer representatives from Breast Cancer Network Australia, geneticists, breast surgeons, medical oncologists, psycho-oncologists, sociologists, epidemiologists and computer scientists.

The instant online report compares the individual woman’s risk to the average risk and also provides personalised advice on what she can do to reduce her risk.

This tool is not suitable for women who have already had breast cancer, but could be useful for family, friends and colleagues who are concerned about their cancer risk.

I never knew my own personal risk of breast cancer and the things I could do to reduce my risk. Now, as a breast cancer survivor and in my role as a BCNA Consumer Representative, I jumped at the opportunity to help develop a tool that would allow women to know their breast cancer risk so they could make informed decisions about their future going forward. A lot of work went into making the tool easy to use and something that could be done by yourself or with your GP. If I had access to iPrevent before my diagnosis I may have been able to change a few things that might have made a difference. – Leslie Gilham, BCNA Consumer Representative

For more information, you can read this article about iPrevent. To try out iPrevent, visit