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Congratulations 2016 El Camino team

BCNA News 23 Jun 2016

Congratulations 2016 El Camino team

Last month a group of inspiring individuals headed off on an adventure of a lifetime to trek the El Camino trail in Spain in support of all Australians affected by breast cancer.

The trip spanned 11 days, with five days dedicated to trekking between mist-covered mountains, into local villages, across rolling farmlands and through dense forest.

For some the trek was a personal challenge, for others a way to show support for a loved one diagnosed with breast cancer, and for many it was a chance try something new with the support of a team.

We had 29 people participate in the challenge, who raised a combined total of $174,334 for BCNA – an incredible effort by everyone involved.

The money raised by the group will help ensure BCNA can continue to provide vital support to women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, and their families.

We want to thank and congratulate our wonderful El Camino participants for their hard work and achievements – you have helped make a difference to so many lives.

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El Camino group holding BCNA banner

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