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BCNA News 29 Mar 2016

New fertility-related choices booklet

BCNA is pleased to release the newly updated Fertility-related choices booklet, an information resource for young women who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

As treatment may decrease fertility and reduce the chance of having children in the future, this booklet is designed to help women decide which of the available fertility options are of interest to them.

Originally developed by a group of researchers and specialists as a separate project supported by BCNA, we have now taken over production of this resource to ensure it continues to be available for women who need it.  The new version has the most up-to-date information and advice to help young women diagnosed with breast cancer make the right choices for them.

The booklet will be most helpful to those who:

  • have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and not yet started treatment
  • are still of reproductive age (having regular periods and no menopausal symptoms)
  • are thinking of starting a family or having more children in the future

The booklet contains information about cancer treatment, how it can affect fertility, and the options to consider. It also provides a worksheet-based decision-making section to help with working through the options as well as information on the physical and emotional issues that may arise when undergoing fertility treatment.

NOTE: This booklet does not replace talking to your health professionals. Every woman’s circumstances are different and some of the fertility options described will not be suitable for every woman. Also, some options may not be available at all centres.

To order a hard copy sent through the mail, or download a PDF, please visit the Information Resources page.