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Personal story

Ron Gordon


Many people don’t realise men can get breast cancer. For South African-born photographer Ron Gordon, the reality of this is all too real.

Ron’s journey with breast cancer began one Sunday evening while he was watching TV at his home in Perth. After discovering a marble-sized lump on his chest, Ron went to his doctor and later that week received the news he had breast cancer.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was left in a state of shock and fear. I became preoccupied with the illness and the fears associated with it. I also felt very alone,” Ron explains.

“What I really struggled with was getting my friends and family to really empathise with what I was going through. I needed them to understand. Only some months after my surgery when I joined a support group of cancer survivors did I realise that the only people who could really understand were those people who had had a cancer diagnosis or had someone close to them with cancer,” he adds.

Around 150 men are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. At BCNA we work to raise awareness of male breast cancer and ensure these men have the information and support they need.

BCNA’s Men get breast cancer too booklet is one of the few male-specific breast cancer resources available in Australia. It includes information about treatment and care, personal stories from men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and links to helpful resources.

100% of the funds raised through the Pink Bun Campaign go directly to BCNA to support the vital work we do. To get involved in the Pink Bun Campaign and show your support for Australians affected by breast cancer visit your local Bakers Delight bakery in May.